Vision on NFT’s

Not NFT pictures but NFT art!
Digital AND physical art for the same amount
So NFT value cannot evaporate

In the old days, the value of gold was opposed to money. It was a guarantee to ensure the value of money. Nowadays, there is no gold value opposite to money. The fact that money still has value has everything to do with the fact that mankind still has faith in it. We’re talking about solidified trust. If it gets too hot (on the market place), it liquefies and the value is gone!

The same thing is happening with NFTs. A picture of a monkey or a picture of a flowergirl would be nice to have on the wall, if the buyer can see its beauty. If the picture is also exclusive because it was released in a limited edition, the value can even increase.

But the problem with NFTs is, they are said to be art, digital art. Or even better, digital ownership of art. But all professional artists know one thing for sure: Everyone can make pictures. Some a bit better than others but everyone can do it. Nowadays artificial intelligence can do that too. But art, is something else than a picture. That is why the NFT trade and the confidence in it is heating up and we are on the eve of getting so hot that confidence will become liquid and the value of most NFTs will evaporate!

Unless real artists create authentic NFTs. Then it’s more than a picture. Only then it is special and can be assigned a realistic value.

But NFTs are bought with crypto-currency. What if the solidified trust in this currency also liquefies? Then your NFT wallet will be worth nothing.

That’s why all NFTs sold by the team at include the physical artwork as well.

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