Platinum Course: Coping with heartbreak

(Warning: For Romantic lovers only, not for divorcees)

Hi, I’m Olivier Xavier, I used to be a true romantic, a world champion in courtly love. Now I’m an ex-romantic and artist and I’m guiding, the international elite to quickly process their heartbreak as an expert by experience.

If the following situation applies to you: 

A Increasing depressive feelings?

B Increasing physical tiredness?

C Increasing mental fatigue?

D Increasing escape behaviour in alcohol and/or drugs?

Resulting in an increasing will to die because you are “drowning” in your heartache?

If so, I can help you with the brilliant and above all unique :

”It’s no longer your pain”- method 

As an expert by experience, i have developed this platinum course. I have already empowered many international actors, politicians, musicians and CEO’s so they quickly could continue their successful life’s and careers again. 

As a world champion in the pursuit of unattainable love (30 years of experience), I know the deep pain, the intense grief, the lingering mourning of the love you covet which is not available or ever will be.

Doctors, psychologists, all kinds of self-proclaimed mindfulness coaches and even psychiatrists or my own family: nobody could help me and I was on the edge of the abyss. Ready to never have to experience the terrible pain of heartache again by exploring the least painful options of suicide.

At a certain moment I read about a “brain” professor who knowns everything about the brain and how it works. It enthused me to do in-depth research on phantom pain of amputated limbs. With the knowledge I acquired, I made a research set-up and the results were astonishing. A person can realise the pain he is experiencing is not his pain! This was such an eye-opener for me so I was able to process my heartbreak within a week. What a great relief! Nobody had ever told me this. Subsequently I started pre-testing my method on a number of people in my own network and here as well, the results were exceptionally good. Nine out of ten test subjects, processed their heartbreak within a week. It earned me the reputation of:

 “doctor” Instant heartbreak resolver

Do you want to resolve your heartache? 

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