Computer Drawings

To forget an unattainable woman, I became very sad and started to draw on my computer. You can watch the results, which I printed on canvas, below in the slideshow.


Mission Statement

Vision: ‘In this polarizing world, let us all focus on looking at the similarities between people and not focus on looking at the differences.

It is my mission to encourage, motivate and inspire people not to give up in this life and remind them to love their neighbours as themselves through my art and music.

Let love rule!

Olivier Xavier (undefeated world champion of courtly love)



From 2023, the 25th of march until the 9 of juli I’m having an exhibition at the Haere Castle in Olst.

Exhibition: Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (Trapped in the IJssel Landscape).

This is a survey exhibition (2013 – 2023) in which I present myself to my peers as a professional artist. In this survey, I am showing art using three different techniques:
1 Computer drawings printed on canvas
2 Computer drawings printed on photographic paper
3 Oil paintings on canvas
The main theme of all these artworks is Good versus Evil in which “being in the Universe,” because there is more between Heaven and Earth than merely the sensory perceptible, occupies an important place and especially within the universe the pursuit of the unattainable love.

Would you like a free tour? Call me (+31614591975) and we’ll make an appointment. The exhibition is also freely accessible, see for opening hours.


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