69 Moonfishes for Sarah

Conceptual Art:

About the artist Deeh Mian Hersch (1939 – 2011)

Deeh Mian Hersch lived as an orphin in Manilla during his youth and raised his two younger brothers. His life was harsh and  severe. The first  decade of his life he lived in poverty. In his youth he tried to earn money as a garbage collector. While he collected garbage he saw lots of pieces which inspired him in a positive way. Although his life was tough he started to make tourist items with pieces of garbage. Fortunately he was very good at selling the items because the content of his sales narrative ressembled his visions of life which he fluently connected to the art pieces. An American, Tom Tucker  saw his talent en decided to help Deeh Mian. He send him to art school where Deeh Mian succesfully graduated. Since his graduation, Deeh Mian has been invited to expose his works all over the world.

The first ten years of his life are absolutely fundamental for his development as a visionair on estethics and the arts. Most of his works are characterized with themes of Love, inner Beauty and Soberness in a changing world with the velocity of light. 

During his career Hersch received several awards for his contribution to the Arts. At first he was honoured with a honorary doctorate at the University of life, nominated by his two younger brothers. But not everything in his life went quite well. Several periods in his life he was obliged to attend the phychiatrist and fell into deep depressions. To overcome his dragons, Hersch can only create art while he is constantly listening to a vacuum cleaner which is turned on. This noisyness creates an oasis of silence in which Hersch optimaly can work and focus on his art projects.

For the first time in his life, Deeh Mian Hersch decided not to expose his latest work in a famous Gallery. He will expose his artworks exclusively online.

Work of art: 69 Moonfishes for Sarah -Inner beauty, eternal joy decaying slowely- (edition: 1:69)

‘In a global world everything goes fast. It seems, a lot of people  are keeping up appearances while they strugle with their sorrow and grief while being in conflict with their environment and being off hapiness. Be happy!’

After his wife Sarah died at only the age of 33, Deeh Mian Hersch felt lonely. Everyday he gave his moonfishes some food and talked to them. Every year he bought an extra moonfish. The moonfishes listened until they had to endure a power failure. The beloved 69 moonfishes of Deeh Mian Hersch died in the cold reality of decreasing tropical comfort. Hersch decided to process these beautifull creatures in his last work of art. Hersch calls his final work: 69 moonfishes for Sarah( Inner beauty, eternal joy decaying slowely.) Hersch: ‘this work of art is my endgame before i’ll join my lovely Sarah’. After being sold, these fishes will spread around the world en promote the message of being happy with what you’ve got and who you are. Before you know it, it’s all over’.

There’s a rumour Deeh Mian Hersch is a pseudonym for Olivier Xavier. For the record don’t confound this pseudonym with the very well known artist Demian Hirst! There are also people who say the biografy of Deeh Mian Hersch had been devised by a starting arts man who thinks selling art is all about storytelling and the beauty of the arts object. We all live in a horrible world…………….the arts and storytelling will make this world a little bit better. Believe what you want to believe and enjoy these 69 artworks, soon to be published on this web page………

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